"Laugh Like A God, My Mind Is Of Diamonds"
ⒿⒶⒸ...Loving Me Is Like Chewing On Pearls.....
but im not here to be loved, im here to express myself.....

but if you insist...†

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In co-operation with Tom Pattinson of Affordable Art Beijing (AAB), Red Gate Gallery is pleased to host a very special exhibition of 15 creatives from AAB 2012. Those participating include: Cao Xihui, Chen Bo, Chu Haina, Feng Yichen, Li Jinguo, Ling Guiyuan, Liu Aijing, Liu Zhonghua, Shen Shubin, Wang Zheran, Yang Niandong, Zhan Yingping, Zhan Jian, Zhang Shiying and Zou Tao. The exhibition will be held from 8 September until 10 October.

-- Tiny Hand ---